Call for Nominations – 2012 IEEE Region 10 WIE Volunteer Award

R10 WIE Volunteer Award has been established to recognize individuals who have
exhibited exemplary and substantive leadership of an extraordinary nature in implementing
activities which support the visions of R10 WIE (See below) at the local, regional, national,
and/or international level. The accomplishments of the candidate should be of “significant
performance” and should have made a distinguishing contribution to R10 WIE.

• Inspire, Engage, Encourage and Empower contribution of women in science and
technology worldwide, in R10
• Promote women in science and engineering in R10
• Motivate and inspire women engineers & scientists
• Foster women’s technological skills
• Encourage girls to be engineers & scientists

Nominee must be an IEEE R10 WIE member in good standing who has made an
identifiable creative achievement and/or a significant contribution toward the visions of
R10 WIE.
Nominee must be an individual or a team (maximum two members per team).
The individuals nominated must be WIE regular or student members at the time of
Nominee’s achievement and contribution must have been made within 3 years for
this award.
A member of the R10 WIE committee cannot be Nominee.
Nominee must not have received the IEEE R10 WIE Volunteer (Most Inspiring
Engineer, previously) Award within the last 3 years.

Call for Nominations – Early September 2012
Nomination Deadline – 31th October 2012
Recipient Selected and Notification – 1st December 2012

The IEEE R10 WIE Volunteer Award is selected based on the following points relating to
the candidate’s eligibility:
Contribution for the visions of R10 WIE
Impact of activities over the society
Uniqueness of the approach
Outreach & societal implication
Leadership ability

If no candidate is found to be suitable, no award will be given in the year.


The nomination form sent with the Call for Nominations must be completed by

Nominator who is familiar with the work and contribution of the candidate(s) and
endorsed by the Section Chair. Nominator must be IEEE members of professional
membership grade. Members of the R10 WIE Committee cannot act as Nominator.
Nomination form must be sent to IEEE R10 WIE Coordinator by the end of
October in electronic means (pdf file). Make sure that an acknowledgement is received
after sending the complete form in a few days, or it should be assumed that the
submission is not received.

The winning IEEE R10 WIE Volunteer(s) is/are awarded a certificate of recognition.

Award certificates of the 2012 IEEE Region 10 WIE Volunteer Award will be presented to
the primary delegates from the Sections that the winner(s) belong to, at the R10 Annual
Meeting for them to be further presented to the winner(s) at appropriate occasions of the
Sections. If the representatives of the winner(s) are able to join the R10 annual meeting
without any financial support from R10, it is possible for the award certificates to be directly
presented to them at the meeting.

This selection is to be done by an appropriate selection committee appointed by the IEEE
R10 WIE coordinator. The decision of the Selection Committee is final.

The IEEE R10 WIE Coordinator notifies the result of selection by e-mail to the R10
Sections, on the R10 Website and in the R10 Newsletter. The IEEE R10 WIE Coordinator
also maintains a record of award recipients on the R10 Website.

IEEE R10 Women In Engineering Coordinator
Prof. Takako Hashimoto
FAX: +65 6778 9723