Dear IEEE R10 Members,

R10 WIE Volunteer Award has been established to recognize individuals who have exhibited exemplary and substantive leadership of an extraordinary nature in implementing activities which support the visions of R10 WIE at the local, regional, national, and/or international level. This year, the R10 WIE Committee received nine nominations, and after careful consideration, the Committee has selected the following WIE members as the winners of 2012 IEEE R10 WIE Volunteer Award.

*1st place* Ms. Mehvish Zahoor (Lahore Section) 

*2nd place* Ms. Rabia Khalid (Karachi Section)      

*3rd place* Dr. Guo Huaqun (Singapore Section)  

Ms. Mehvish Zahoor is the founder for the Pakistan WIE, and Ms. Rabia Khalid is sustaining the WIE activities in Pakistan. They demonstrated strong leadership for promoting outstanding and innovative activities for the Pakistan WIE Forum and SB WIE AG. Their dedicated performances are really respectable.

Dr. Guo Huaqun is a very smart leader for promoting various WIE activities in Singapore Section. She has made clear WIE members’ and female students’ requirements, and deployed energetic projects.

Congratulations on your achievements, Ms. Mehvish Zahoor, Ms. Rabia Khalid and Dr. Guo Huaqun!!

With warm regards,

Takako Hashimoto

R10 WIE Coordinator