IEEE R10 Women in Engineering Chair

Dr. Agnes Irwanti
IEEE Indonesia Section
Supervisory Board of TVRI
(Public Service Broadcasting
TV of the Republic of Indonesia)


Chair’s message

I am extending my warm invitation to all the WIE AGs and WIE members in Region 10 to join us in our vibrant 2024 program. By participating in WIE events, you will not only elevate your professional trajectory in academia, research, and industry but also contribute to fostering inclusivity within the community while propelling our collective aspirations forward. Your involvement is not just encouraged, it’s pivotal in shaping our shared success. 

The R10 WIE Committee’s 2024 program is structured around four pivotal objectives, each aimed at fostering growth and inclusivity within our community. The first is to promote WIE engagement in the industry. The second objective focuses on the WIE Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiative. Our third objective is to enhance networking and knowledge sharing opportunities for WIE members. Lastly, we seek to recognize outstanding achievements within WIE in R10 and encourage nominations for MGA awards.

We have designed specific activities to achieve these objectives. To address the first objective, we intend to organize the WIE Industry Forum, aimed at optimizing the utilization of research findings for practical applications in industry, as well as fostering career development within the industrial sector. The second objective will be addressed by initiatives such as the WIE Grant in DEI Horizon Scanning; and the DEI Workshop: Showcasing DEI in Engineering. For the third objective, activities are focused on WIE Exposure Enhancement through IEEE R10 Events Programme. The fourth objective will be pursued through the R10 & MGA WIE Awards.

Each activity within our program is meticulously planned with specific timelines and budgets, ensuring efficient execution. Furthermore, we’ll assess our progress using defined metrics, enabling us to measure the success of each planning initiative. Join us as we embark on this journey of growth, inclusivity, and recognition within the WIE community in Region 10.

Let us all work together to change the world!
Stay tuned with us for the updates on R10 WIE Wesite, Facebook and LinkedIn page.

Dr. Agnes Irwanti
IEEE R10 WIE Committee Chair 2024
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