This year Region 10 has launched the R10 WIE Mentor and Mentee Program (WIEMMP) to provide support to Section and Student Branch WIE Affinity Groups(AGs). The program is conducted via face-face and online meetings.

Goals:  The main goals for establishing WIEMMP are to (a) encourage and support formation of new Section and Student Branch WIE AGs and (b) identify dormant or less active AGs and rejuvenate them by active mentoring. WIEMMP also provides guidance to WIE AGs to enhance their activities by launching website and/or Facebook page and link them to R10 WIE website and Facebook page.

R10 WIE Coordinator Prof Celia Shahnaz has been involved in mentoring volunteers and following meetings have taken place so far in 2016:

  1. R10 WIE and WIE Malaysia, 24 Jan 2016
  2. R10 WIE and WIE Thailand, 7 Mar, 2016
  3. R10 WIE and Stamford University of Bangladesh Student Branch, 19thMar 2016
  4. R10 WIE and all SBs of Bangladesh, 25 Mar 2016
  5. R10 WIE and WIE Madras, 7th Apr 2016
  6. R10 WIE and WIE Indonesia, 6 Mar 2016
  7. R10 WIE and BUET Bangladesh SB, 29 May2016
  8. Meetings and communication with members from:
  9. ANZ (Victorian, South Australia, Northern Australian Section, New Zealand Central Section and New Zealand South Section),
  10. North Asia(Taiwan, South Korea, Beijing, Tokyo),
  11. South East Asia (Vietnam, Philippines, Hong kong),
  12. South Asia (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Kerala, Kolkata, Uttar Pradesh)

Major Outcomes: This close interaction and mentoring from R10 WIE has started to improve WIE AGs across R10, notably:

  • WIE Malaysia has launched their website. Formation of first ever SB WIE and all Malaysia student network is in progress in collaboration with R10 WIE.
  • Indonesia WIE was mentored to actively collaborate with R10 WIE to successfully organize TENSYMP 2016 IEEE R10 WIE Track in Bali. A petition for opening SB WIE at local Udayana University at Bali is in the final step of approval.
  • R10 WIE is also providing mentoring to guide the faculty members in Kasetsart University, Bangkok, to form the first ever SB WIE Affinity Group in Thailand.
  • Stamford University of Bangladesh Student Branch is mentored to file petition to form SB WIE which has been approved now. The SB has launched its website and has successfully conducted a workshop on PCB design.
  • BUET SB in Bangladesh has attracted 72 new female IEEE student members and their petition to form WIE AG is in progress. This will be the largest SB WIE AG in Bangladesh. R10 WIE along with WIE AG, IEEE Bangladesh Section guided them to organize the first ever Robo Tutor workshop as an encouraging event prior to approval.

If your Section or Student Branch would like to have mentoring support, please visit R10 WIE website ( and Facebook

( ) for further information or contact R10 WIE Coordinator Professor Celia Shahnaz at (