WIE apps and eBooks aim to inspire and empower young women to become engineers, while celebrating the achievements of IEEE women in a wide range of technical professions.

The hope is to enhance the appeal of such careers, and show through example how they can benefit humanity.

This publication:

  1. Aims to increase young womens’ understanding of engineering careers
  2. Describes how engineers benefit humanity and make a positive difference
  3. Introduces IEEE women and their stories on how and why they were inspired to become engineers, teaches about their work environments, and offers advice for women considering a career in engineering

The profiles presented will include the following information:

  1. A brief biography
  2. An explanation of why each woman become a technical professional
  3. The advice they would like to pass on to young women interested in STEM
  4. How working as an engineer benefits humanity

This IEEE Women in Engineering ebook is a global resource and should be shared and disseminated to attract and retain students with an emphasis on women as engineering professionals.

This publication is intended to support one of IEEE’s 3-5 years goals: The public will increasingly value the role of IEEE and technical professionals in enhancing the quality of life and environment. This resource will provide awareness of engineering career options and how engineering is shaping our future. In an effort to recognize their achievements in engineering, we will focus on IEEE women engineers doing their work and the contributions they make as technical professionals.

Our text references the IEEE societies associated with each engineering specialty. Educators and parents will have access to lesson plans for topics of interest through the TryEngineering.org program, a resource for students, parents, teachers and school counselors.

Additional IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) resources include posters highlighting modern-day engineering role models as well as establishing IEEE WIE’s expertise in promoting women in engineering.

IEEE WIE Posters are available for download or you may contact women@ieee.org for printed copies.

Finally, this publication will be an ever-growing resource. WIE members interested in having their profile included in future editions should send an email to women@ieee.org

Women in Engineering photo collage