IEEE WIE Special Session at TENCON 2016

IEEE WIE Special Session at TENCON 2016 was organized on 23rd November, Orchid Junior Ballroom 4311, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The Organizers were Hla Nu Phyu and Huang Shaoying from IEEE WIE Singapore Section and Celia Shahnaz, 2016 IEEE R10 WIE Coordinator.

Celia Shahanz has provided a presentation on Region 10 WIE Vision and Activities in 2016 through which participants have embraced an effective training for enhancing WIE activities in their sections and to lead, engage and inspire each other. There were 8 technical paper presented in this WIE special session on emerging topics of research and presenters were from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, India, and Bangladesh and participants were from diversified regions of IEEE Region 10, namely Philippines, Indonesia,  Singapore, Australia, different sections of India, Bangladesh, and Japan.

Benefit/Outcome:   The WIE Special Session provided a great opportunity to share the contribution of women scientists in the progress of modern research. Speakers also shared WIE activities of their respective region or sections. An ample scope was created to interact more and work together for future research, WIE activities and events. The WIE special session at TENCON 2016 has created a wide platform to collaborate, connect and network within WIE members across IEEE Region 10. Arokiaswami Alphones, Chair, IEEE Singapore section and Hla Nu Phyu, Chair, IEEE WIE Singapore section along with other WIE members provided an extra ordinary effort and a great support to make the IEEE WIE Special Session at TENCON 2016 a mega successful event. Pls browse our event album at 

Celia Shahnaz, Ph.D., 2016 R10 WIE Coordinator

Image: Part of the participants and Presenters of IEEE WIE Special session at TENCON 2016


IEEE WIE International Summit Pune, 23-24 September, 2016

Greetings from 2016 IEEE R10 WIE Coordinator, Celia Shahnaz

IEEE WIE international Summit in collaboration with IEEE WIE and IEEE WIE AG Pune section is to be held in Pune on  23 and 24 September 2016 at Hotel Le Meridian, Pune.

Please visit the site to read more    

IEEE R10 WIE invites you and representatives from your section/Organization to this summit. Kindly send two members professional/academic members and two students preferably from post graduate studies or Final years of graduation.

A whopping discount of 40% is given on all categories of registration tickets starting fro 9AM today 7th September 2016 till 14th September 2016

Discount Code  – T40  

Kindly register  here – .  

The program is vibrant with different tracks on   Inspiration, Leadership, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship and a special track on Smart City -Smart Women. The sessions are keynotes, workshops, panels and technology demonstrations. We have an illuminating line up of speakers from Industry, society, government and academics. There are Exhibit booths from industry representatives for interaction with Summit delegates for possible collaboration, recruitment and mentoring.

pune_wie_summit_publicityFor all our delegate accommodation needs we have our logistics partner as Oyo Rooms.

This is a great forum for volunteers of your Women engineers to meet and network with the peer WIE volunteers and get inspired by the world’s best women leaders. This might interest your section representatives to host the next edition of this summit at your section in 2017 – 2018.

We would appreciate if you send the nomination list at the earliest as we have very limited seats available. You may include any additional delegates where necessary. We would try to accommodate most of them depending on the availability of space and hoping we would have the maximum women representation from your section at this summit.

Nominate your representatives here:

Website URL:

Registration Details :

Accommodation Details :

IEEE R10 WIE warmly welcomes you to attend the summit.

Celia Shahnaz

2016 IEEE R10 WIE Coordinator.

Outcome of  R10 WIE Support Fund 2016

Dear R10 Section and Council  Chairs,

Thank you for endorsing the proposal to R10 WIE support fund 2016.  This year, R10 WIE received a total number of 53 proposals from 25 Sections and 2 councils.

Finally R10 WIE Subcommittee has reached final decision to award 38 proposals as stated in the attached file.  (find the 2016_R10_WIE-Support fund results)

The decision is based on the quality/impact of the activities proposed, distribution of section, type of activities, and innovative ideas. Decision e-mails and confirmation sheet will also be sent separately to the Section Chair stated in the proposal. If the proposal (s) in your section is awarded, please kindly inform the project leader and complete the confirmation sheet and send back to me. For the proposals that have not been awarded, R10 WIE would like to encourage your activities to be carried out and to seek support from local section and other sources.

R10 WIE wishes for the fruitful activities your section may organize in this year 2016.

Sincerely Yours,

Celia Shahnaz

2016 R10 WIE Coordinator 

R10 WIE Mentor and Mentee Program

This year Region 10 has launched the R10 WIE Mentor and Mentee Program (WIEMMP) to provide support to Section and Student Branch WIE Affinity Groups(AGs). The program is conducted via face-face and online meetings.

Goals:  The main goals for establishing WIEMMP are to (a) encourage and support formation of new Section and Student Branch WIE AGs and (b) identify dormant or less active AGs and rejuvenate them by active mentoring. WIEMMP also provides guidance to WIE AGs to enhance their activities by launching website and/or Facebook page and link them to R10 WIE website and Facebook page.

R10 WIE Coordinator Prof Celia Shahnaz has been involved in mentoring volunteers and following meetings have taken place so far in 2016:

  1. R10 WIE and WIE Malaysia, 24 Jan 2016
  2. R10 WIE and WIE Thailand, 7 Mar, 2016
  3. R10 WIE and Stamford University of Bangladesh Student Branch, 19thMar 2016
  4. R10 WIE and all SBs of Bangladesh, 25 Mar 2016
  5. R10 WIE and WIE Madras, 7th Apr 2016
  6. R10 WIE and WIE Indonesia, 6 Mar 2016
  7. R10 WIE and BUET Bangladesh SB, 29 May2016
  8. Meetings and communication with members from:
  9. ANZ (Victorian, South Australia, Northern Australian Section, New Zealand Central Section and New Zealand South Section),
  10. North Asia(Taiwan, South Korea, Beijing, Tokyo),
  11. South East Asia (Vietnam, Philippines, Hong kong),
  12. South Asia (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Kerala, Kolkata, Uttar Pradesh)

Major Outcomes: This close interaction and mentoring from R10 WIE has started to improve WIE AGs across R10, notably:

  • WIE Malaysia has launched their website. Formation of first ever SB WIE and all Malaysia student network is in progress in collaboration with R10 WIE.
  • Indonesia WIE was mentored to actively collaborate with R10 WIE to successfully organize TENSYMP 2016 IEEE R10 WIE Track in Bali. A petition for opening SB WIE at local Udayana University at Bali is in the final step of approval.
  • R10 WIE is also providing mentoring to guide the faculty members in Kasetsart University, Bangkok, to form the first ever SB WIE Affinity Group in Thailand.
  • Stamford University of Bangladesh Student Branch is mentored to file petition to form SB WIE which has been approved now. The SB has launched its website and has successfully conducted a workshop on PCB design.
  • BUET SB in Bangladesh has attracted 72 new female IEEE student members and their petition to form WIE AG is in progress. This will be the largest SB WIE AG in Bangladesh. R10 WIE along with WIE AG, IEEE Bangladesh Section guided them to organize the first ever Robo Tutor workshop as an encouraging event prior to approval.

If your Section or Student Branch would like to have mentoring support, please visit R10 WIE website ( and Facebook

( ) for further information or contact R10 WIE Coordinator Professor Celia Shahnaz at (

Call for Participation in IEEE R10 WIE Survey in 2016

IEEE R10 WIE Survey link has been sent to all sections and WIE AG chairs. The link has been also posted in R10 WIE face book. The survey has 4 sections:

Section 1 Understanding the Demographic Profile

Section 2 Understanding Activity Levels of WIE Affinity Groups

Section 3 Understanding Expectations of WIE AGs from R10 and Global WIE

Section 4 Understanding Member Satisfaction


Members from Section WIE AGs and SB WIE AGs are requested to participate  in the survey following the link:

The WIE survey link is also available in R10 WIE Face book page!


The TENSYMP 2016 IEEE R10 WIE TRACK was organized on 11th May, 2016, at the Sanur Paradise Plaza Convention Centre, Bali, Indonesia. The Coordinator of the WIE Track was Celia Shahnaz, IEEE R10 WIE Coordinator and moderator of the WIE track was Takao Onoye, R10 Treasurer and Vice Chair, R10 Technical Activities.

photo1 Photo2

Celia Shahanz has provided a video message through which around 31 participants have embraced the vision and initiatives of IEEE R10 WIE in 2016 to lead, engage and Inspire others. Takao Onoye has presented Region 10 WIE Vision and Activities in person, which was a training for students and faculty advisor of upcoming new student branch WIE Affinity group at Udayana university, Bali, Indonesia. The overall track has created a wide platform to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences among all, which will definitely help the female students and engineers in streamlining the role of them in the development of the technical society around.

The understanding about the progress of modern research has been enhanced through technical talk on recent technologies “Fostering  Global Sustainable Culture by using ICT for the GreenMetric World University Ranking Management”, provided by Dr. Riri Fitri Sari, Professor, University of Indonesia, WIE Chair, IEEE Indonesia Section.

The industrial talk “Appropriate technology for SMEs” was delivered by Ms. Agnes Iwanti, treasurer, IEEE Indonesia Section, co-founder, Multikom Global Mediatama company. The professional and technological skill development, “Blended Learning Approach of The Flipped Model for Short Course” was highlighted by Dr.  Linawati, Former head of ICT and Director of GDLN of Udayana University, Bali.

The “Education and Empowerment for women” was discussed by Dr. Hira Meidia, Vice Rector of Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, Jakarta.

The opportunities for WIE members to engage in Humanitarian activities “ IEEE SIGHT: to leverage Technology for sustainable development” was focused by Mr. Subodha Charles, IEEE SIGHT event Subcommittee member, IEEE Sri Lanka Section.

The professional, industrial, educational, leadership and Humanitarian Technology talks have created an interesting scope of knowledge sharing for the female participants. It will help them to empower themselves with appropriate guidelines about their career development in the Male-dominated Engineering profession. This track will also serve the purpose of benefiting the WIE community in Indonesia and encourage new women students, researchers and professionals in Indonesia to join IEEE and WIE. Satriyo Dharmanto , Chair, IEEE Indonesia section and Ford Lumban Gaol, Chair, TENSYMP 2016 provided a great support to make the WIE track a mega successful event.

TENSYMP 2016_schedule_poster_final

Celia Shahnaz, Ph.D.
2016 R10 WIE Coordinator

Call for Proposals for 2016 WIE Support Fund

R10 WIE committee invites SECTIONs to submit project proposals to bid for 2016 WIE support fund.

The proposal form must be completed and submitted by SECTION.

Call for Proposal printable can be found here.

Call for Nominations IEEE Region 10 Supporting Volunteers

The IEEE R10 WIE committee is soliciting nominations for supporting volunteers. Call for Nominations printable can be found here.

IEEE WIE Global Summit 2016

IEEE WIE Global Summit 2016 at Bangalore is a meeting of women in technology from across the globe, aiming to inspire, engage and empower other women.

  • The Summit coincides with the R10 Students, Young Professionals and Life Members Congresses, and with the start of Region 10 50th Anniversary Celebrations.
  • The timing and co-location enable us to have exceptional speakers for the WIE Global Summit, men and women “who made it to the top”, and who will share their experiences and bring the mentorship, leadership and entrepreneurship ideas as well as guidance to the younger generation– the leaders of tomorrow.
  • The Summit creates exceptional opportunities for women in mid and senior positions to improve their leadership skills through networking, attending presentations, participating in workshops and finding mentors.

click here for registration

IEEE Region 10 Student/Young Professional/Women in Engineering/Life Member Congress on 25th-27th August, 2016 at The Lalit Ashok, Bangalore.

Our vision is to create leaders for the future of IEEE who will by spirit and word, live by the values and philosophy of IEEE, where these exemplary volunteers will strive to serve humanity by effective application of technology.

The IEEE Region 10, also sometimes referred as the Asia Pacific Region, covers a geographical area stretching from South Korea and Japan in the north-east to New Zealand in the south, and Pakistan in the west. It is one of the largest regions in IEEE.

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R10 WIE Mentor and Mentee Program

WIE_thailand2 WIE thailand1

Celia Shahnaz addressing the WIE volunteers at Bangkok, Thailand.

WIE Chennai2 WIE Chennai1

Meeting with Madras Section WIE volunteers 

WIE_Bangladesh 12828332_10206329992064254_3722250091075144110_o

Meeting WIE volunteers of Bangladesh Section


Meeting WIE volunteers of Malaysia Section



IEEE WIE ILS 2015, Chennai, India

11146470_957961794246066_364365378643584667_n     11201116_957962147579364_3504775619160168718_n


The IEEE WIE Leadership Summit 2015 was a 3-day International Conference, and was held at Hotel Green Park, Chennai. This Summit was the first of its kind to be held at Asia-Pacific region and outside U.S. The conference was centred around women engineers and the importance of their excellence in the field of engineering.
The conference was attended by a large number of foreign delegates from across the world. Most of them were from parts of Japan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, America and from across the length and breadth of India.
The fully packed hall consisted of wide spectra of women engineers. Ranging from students, corporate officers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, scholars to various successful and inspiring women. The speakers of the conference too were as diverse as its audience, and were the best in their field of expertise.

The day began on an inspiring note with the President of Intel, India, Kumud Srinivasan’s keynote address. She emphasized on “Pushing the boundaries” and the need to have a specific career identity irrespective of age and family background. She ended her address with a request to make India, the World’s No.1 R&D destination.
It was followed by Dr.Gargi Keeni, Rtd. VP, TCS, who presented a lively session on ‘Why IT is losing smart Women?’. She expressed how much revolution the IT industry has seen, in such a short span, in terms of the hike in number of women in it, unlike any other industry. She also pointed the sudden decline in women opting for IT industry, is probably because the industry has failed to keep in tune with the changing times.
Next was an informative Panel discussion on the “Role of IEEE in helping Women in technology”. The panel consisted of esteemed members such as Takako Hashimoto, Chair, IEEE WIE, Ramlatha Marimuthu, General Chair, IEEE WIE ILS and Nita Patel, Conference Chair, IEEE. The discussion highlighted the benefits of IEEE WIE and the importance of being an active member in it.
After that a highly motivating session, brimming with positivity was presented by the awe-inducing Malvika Iyer, an amputee who lost her hands in a bomb blast. She spoke of how the unfortunate accident has provided her with a career and life that feels she was so fortunate to get. She also encouraged everyone to live their lives on their own terms to the fullest.
Later the session was divided into three different tracks and a separate track was dedicated to the topic ‘Empowerment’, where multiple speakers came up with tips and useful thoughts to help women empower themselves.
Dr. Maria Zeena Johnson, MD, Satyabama University, highlighted the importance of women being good leaders and the humungous change that the women leaders could bring, which will not only empower themselves but the entire society.
Nalini Krishnan of TCS spoke on the struggles faced by women in corporate sectors. The stagnation in their careers after a steady growth, and the limited opportunities available to them were some of the plight faced by them. She insisted on overcoming the proverbial glass cliff and encouraged all women to beyond the designated boundaries.
The IEEE WIE ILS General Chair Ramalatha, presented a vibrant talk on self empowerment and included a fun filled group activity which led to a serious discussion on Women Empowerment. This also served as an opportunity to network with delegates from around the world.
The IEEE Malaysia Section Chair, Zuhania Zakaria, busted some of the myths on women Empowerment. She clarified the various misconceptions around it by breaking the stereotypes with real life examples. The women in reference have proved it wrong for so long now. Thus she cleared the haze around successful women.
The day came to an end with another round of panel discussion by the women employees of CISCO, who spoke about the disruptions in CISCO and their long and fulfilling careers in it. The panel was proof enough on how strong and integral the womenfolk in CISCO are.

The Day 2 of the conference saw the same size of crowd turn out even on the final day thus resonating the success of its first day.

Lavanya Gopalakrishnan of CISCO presented the keynote address for the day. The address was as vivacious as here and it dwelled on the things that she wished she knew when she was younger. The few things that she mentioned were highly relatable to all women in general. Making us realize the stereotypical mindset prevalent in our society.

The recorded video of felicitations of Dr.Supavadee Aramvith, R10 WIE Coordinator was played next and it was well received and appreciated by the audience.

Ms. Kamolika Peres – VP Consulting, Ericsson later spoke on ‘Breaking stereotypes around women in Technology’, which served to be an eye opener and raised serious questions in our minds. She also provided certain alternatives as solutions.

This was followed by enterprising speakers, Rajashree Thandy of Capgemini, Dr.Renu Khanna of Tech Mahindra and Dr.Saundarya Rajesh President of AVTAR and FLEXI Careers. Their talk was very insightful on the hurdles faced by most women in their careers.

Later the conference was split into three separate tracks once again. The inspiration track was taken over by the IEEE Young Professionals.


Ekta Grover-Data Scientist, Bloomreach, started off the inspiration track. She emphasized on the importance of projecting oneself correctly before others and our responsibility in helping the ones behind us.

It was followed by a lively and informative Q&A session with Vibha Kagzi, an alumna of Harvard Business School. She gave numerous insiders’ tips and clarified the doubts regarding pursuing MBA abroad.

Then came the famous IEEE Larry.K.Wilson Awardee, Esther Ling, from Malaysia. In her session, she spoke out for all the soft spoken people such as her. She reminded us that equal opportunity should be given to all based on their knowledge and merit, and not on the loudness of their voice.

Finally came a huge source of inspiration in the form of Leena Bansal aka Miss Walking Shoes. She is the first Indian solo women traveller who self funded herself to go to 32 countries just to fulfil her passion. Her travel stories were full of surprises and positivity just like her own self. Age and gender did not deter her at all.

The conference ended with an inspiring success story of a storyteller and an entrepreneur Ms.Lakshmi Pratury, who overcame all the obstacles and debacles that life threw at her, with a strong conviction clinging onto good hope till the end. And that hope got her all that she dreamed of and even more.

Thus the IEEE WIE Leadership Summit was a great learning experience and an excellent opportunity to network and engage in one on one conversations, obtain expert advice, motivate oneself and get inspiration from ordinary people who went on to do extraordinary things. The conference was very interactive providing opportunities to clear our doubts and also put forth our point of view.

Overall it was a one of a kind conference that covered all the areas that are of concern to women engineers also providing suitable solutions along with alternatives to tackle them. The conference also provided a great deal of encouragement and motivation to work with zeal to excel as engineers and bring more and more glory and win laurels to all women.

IEEE R10 Student/YP/WIE Congress’15, Colombo, Sri Lanka


2015 Students|YP|WIE Congress Sri Lanka

In 2011, Auckland got the opportunity to unveil the calm serenity of the Southern hemisphere to IEEE Region 10. In 2013, it was Hyderabad who mesmerized the Region 10 with rich eloquent culture. In 2015, which nation will embrace the IEEE Region 10 Student|Young Professionals|WIE Congress as the hosts? SRI LANKA! Yes, you read it correct, it is going to be Sri Lanka this year.

The congress will commence on 9th July and run through on 10th, 11th & 12th July. Sri Lanka is renowned as the pearl of the Indian Ocean which inherits a prestigious culture that dates back over 2500 years. The country is rich with golden beaches washed with aquamarine waves & eternal sunshine. The central highlands of Sri Lanka are packed with mountains carpeted with lush green tea estates, gushing waterfalls mingling with the clouds and breath-taking landscapes sparkling in sunlight and disappearing under the rising mist. When travelling towards the North Central Valley of the Kings, mountains covered with lush green forests disappear under the glare of the sun giving way to acres of light green carpets of paddy fields fed by ancient reservoirs. Giant statues of Lord Buddha rise above the forest covering, while ancient palaces stand abandoned to the woods as if waiting for their long departed master.

Colombo is the commercial capital of Sri Lanka which lies on the western coast of the island. It is a popular tourist destination which comprises of all the necessities to facilitate visitors from across the world. Colombo is also the centre of action of IEEE R10 Student|Young Professionals|WIE Congress 2015. Hotel Galadari, one of the finest five star hotels in Sri Lanka, situated in the heart of Colombo city, provides an ideal lodging with many historical sites within walking distance and a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean. With over 25 years of experience in providing highest standards of hospitality for international level audiences, Hotel Galadari proudly joins hands with IEEE R10 Student|Young Professionals|WIE Congress 2015 as the main hospitality provider.

Key events of the congress:

 Workshops, Learning Labs & Panel Discussions – To share knowledge on latest inclusions to IEEE, get familiar with existing tools and services and share experiences with fellow IEEE members.

 Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony – Provides ample opportunity for participants to network and share thoughts.

Together with dinner, the award ceremony will take place to recognize and reward achievements of IEEE members obtained during the past two years.

 Cultural Night – This will be staged for participants to showcase the culture and traditions of their countries. Each country will display their exhibits and cultural performances to others.

“Today’s youth for a batter tomorrow” is the theme of IEEE R10 Student|Young Professionals|WIE Congress 2015. Apart from the keynote speeches, parallel sessions will also take place for Students, Young Professionals and Women in Engineering, mainly focusing on Leadership, Opportunities in IEEE, Industry and Profession aligning with the theme. The prime mission of the congress is to strengthen the bonds between young leaders in the Asia Pacific region with the aim of uplifting the organization and the society at large by knowledge sharing and skills development. Participants will also get an arena to strengthen network with fellow volunteers in the region, enhance professionalism & leadership and share the latest technological trends for the betterment of humanity.

Now it is your opportunity to fill the calendars in for 9th July – 12th July. With the anticipation of meeting you on 9th July in this beautiful island nation, we wish you ‘Ayubowan!’.




With warm regards,

Organising committee,

IEEE R10 Student|Young Professionals|WIE Congress 2015


IEEE R10 Women In Engineering Congress 2012 – WIECON’12 ( 5th – 7th MARCH 2012 ) in Shri Vishnu Engineering College for Women

The world of technology and innovations desperately need the women with aptitude and right attitude to take the society towards the highest altitudes .The congress of WIE calls for a change to improve the percentile of contribution of women in the fields of engineering and technology. This congress is the right platform for the women to showcase their technical skills and leadership qualities.

2012 R10 Annual Meeting, Kolkata, India

Meeting Venue: Swissotel Kolkata

For Pics of R10 Annual meeting Follow:

3th March 2012: DAY 1 (Saturday)

Agenda Items
Registration and Arrivals of Delegates
Fanny Su, Ewell Tan
Call to Order by R10 Director
Darrel Chong
Lawrence Wong
Lawrence Wong
Peter Staecker
Howard Michel
Cecelia Jankowski
Darrel Chong
Darrel Chong
Coffee/Tea Break
Janina Mazierska
President Elect Q&A

2011 Finance Report by R10 Treasurer

Michael Ong
Takatoshi Minami
Presentation of 2012 Budget by R10 Treasurer
Michael Ong
Photo Call
Freddy Lim
Kukjin Chun
Borhanuddin M. Ali
(on Behalf of Marzuki Khalid)
Janina Mazierska (on Behalf of YJ Park)
Briefing on Poster Session
Darrel Chong

Poster Sessions by EXCOM members

Membership Development & Life Member (Hang-Bong Kang) [Poster]

Awards and Recognition (Takatoshi Minami) [Poster]

Regional GOLD (Timothy Wong) [Poster]

Women in Engineering (Takako Hashimoto) [Poster]

Student Activities (Takao Onoye & Aby Kurian) [Poster]

Electronic Communications & Information Management (Hui Zhang on behalf of Jing Dong) [Poster]

IEEE Humanitarian Activities (Deepak Mathur) [Poster]

Industry Relations (Rajendra K. Asthana) [Poster]

R10 Excom
Coffee/Tea Break
Amarnath Raja
Takao Onoye; Aby Kurian
Madras Section: Rangarajan T.
Knowledge Sharing: Presentation by 2010 R10 Small Section Award Winners on its Section
Islambad Section: Muhammad Mansoor Ahmed
Janina Mazierska (on behalf of YJ Park)
Howard Michel
Howard Michel
Close of Day 1 Meeting 
Lawrence Wong
Dinner: (Dress code: Business Casual)
MC: Sivaji Chakravorti
Dinner Starts
Musical Band in the background
Takatoshi Minami
Satish Babu

Presentations (5 min each) by proposers to host R10 EXCOM and Region 10 AGM in 2013

Lucky Draw for Poster session
Darrel Chong
Dinner Ends

4th March 2012: DAY 2 (Sunday)

Agenda Items
Call to Order
Lawrence Wong
Indonesia Section: Wahidin Wahab
Philippines Section: Elmer Dadios
Xian Section – Jianguo Huang
Borhanuddin M. Ali
Executive Session: Approval of Agenda
Lawrence Wong
Executive Session: R10 Bylaw Change
Janina Mazierska (on behalf of YJ Park)
Executive Session: OU Petition Procedures
K Chun
Executive Session: Rectification of R10 Budget
K Ong

Executive Session: Any Other Business

Educational Activities Awareness to R10 Sections by Supavadee Aramvith

Lawrence Wong
Coffee/Tea Break
Breakout 1:
‘Session for for New Chairs
Breakout 2:
‘Session for Experienced Chairs’
Facilitator: Deepak Mathur, R10 Excom
Facilitator: Takatoshi Minami (on behalf of Hang Bong Kang), R10 Excom
Discussion led by President-Elect Candidate: Tariq Durrani
New Business/Other Matters
Darrel Chong
Adjournment of R10 Annual Meeting
Lawrence Wong
Meet at Lobby
Pick-up for all delegates
Travelling from Swissotel Hotel to Belur Math (Legacy of Lord Ramakrishna Paramahansa)
Kolkata Section
Belur Math
Travelling from Belur Math to EZCC for Dance Performance (Classical Indian dance)
Dance Performance @ EZCC
Travelling from EZCC to Barbeque Nation Restaurant for Dinner
Dinner @ Barbeque Nation Restaurant
Travelling from Barbeque Nation to Swissotel
Goodbye: Till we meet again

PS : Please check the Photo Gallery for photos taken during the meeting!

IEEE R10 Student/GOLD/WIE Congress 2011, Auckland, NewZealand

Continuing the tradition of organising the student congress every two years, the IEEE Region 10 Student/GOLD/WIE Congress 2011 (R10SC) will take place in Auckland, New Zealand. The R10SC will unite students, young professionals and women in engineering and related fields to explore new and existing ideas, network and discuss issues in their profession. The confluence of volunteers with industry representatives and experienced IEEE leaders during this special event aims to energise tomorrow’s leaders into taking the IEEE and their professions to even greater heights. The details of the event are provided below.

Venue: Faculty of Engineering, The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Dates: July 7- 10, 2011
Organizer: IEEE New Zealand North Section

Theme: “Emerging Technologies: Realizing innovative ideas that will define a better tomorrow for humanity
The R10SC Organising Committee welcomes student, WIE and GOLD leaders from IEEE Region 10 and around the globe to come, interact and get motivated. Special events in the programme will include Emerging Technologies Seminars, Senior Volunteers Discussion Forum, Employers forum, Leadership Workshops, Breakout/Training sessions, and exhibitions. Enliven this event with your involvement. The registration process has now been opened for this prestigious event.

The number of delegates is limited to 150. It will be ideal but is not limited to have 3 delegates (1 Student Branch leader, 1 WIE leader, 1 GOLD leader) from each Section. Please request sponsorship for travel costs and the registration fee from your Section for this event and make use of this golden opportunity.

The R10SC Organising Committee sincerely looks forward to meeting each and every one of you – so be sure to express your interest as soon as possible. We hope you will take part in this engaging, motivating and most importantly enjoyable congress – one to be remembered!

To express your interest, visit If you have any questions feel free to direct them to the R10SC Organising Committee at

Kind regards,

The R10SC Organising Committee