R10 WIE Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


To promote a culture that values and respects diversity, promotes equity, and creates an inclusive environment for IEEE Region 10 members, volunteers, and OUs.


The R10 Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) mission is to identify, assess, and address issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion within IEEE Region 10 community. 

R10 WIE Action Plan to improve Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Proactive Action

A working group on addressing the socio-economic factors that related to STEM career/education hesitancy among students and young professionals in Region 10. 

Reactive Action

Conducting an analysis on IEEE Region 10 Membership Diversity and Inclusion based on geographic area, membership type and gender.

Passive Action

• R10 WIE Discussion articles related to DEI to be published in IEEE R10 Newsletters.  

• Increasing public visibility to improve the image of women in engineering

Recommended best practice to improve DEI in local OUs

Easier and low-cost implementation option

  • Increase number of women leader in the administrative/executive committee
  • Increase proportion of women keynote speakers in the technical webinar/conferences (recommended 1:3, female:male)
  • hilight women in engineering in the OUs for their achivement or success (e.g. getting published, awards recipients, or graduation, etc.
  • Present a shortclip of women in engineering at her workplace 
  • Encourage WIE Best Paper Awards within every IEEE Technical conferences.

Challenging implementation Option

  • Evaluating the impact of dimensions of diversity, equity, and inclusion activities and identifying potential areas of focus for future initiatives. (Measurement tools)
  • DEI Data analysis. Analyze of the available membership data for the diversity on: 
    • Gender
    • Grade
    • Geographic area
    • Employer type
    • Diversity & inclusion among volunteers
    • Grants, awardee, female first author/coresponding author
Revised: 13 December 2023 | Dr. Khanita Duangchaemkarn, R10 WIE Chair 2023