Scope of proposals

All proposed projects/events should meet the Mission and Vision of IEEE WIE.

Objectives of WIE support fund

  1. Promote women involvement in science and engineering in R10
  2. Encourage the development of local activities to solve the social issues that are of educational and professional value to WIE members
  3. Encourage collaboration between Section WIE AG and Student Branch WIE AGs

Applicants eligibility

Chair of the WIE Affinity Group of each section or Chair of the Student Branch WIE Affinity Group.

  • Each WIE Affinity Group can submit one proposal.
  • All submissions require endorsement from the Section Chair.
  • Section is encouraged to coordinate with Section WIE AG and Student Branch WIE AGs to comprehensively and strategically propose WIE activities.

Amount of funds

  • Face-to-Face activities: A maximum of US$ 400
  • Hybrid (face-to-face and virtual) activities: A maximum of US$ 400
  • Virtual Activities: A maximum of US$ 250

Please itemize all expenses in US dollars only (please do not use local currency in the proposal).
Individual travel expenses (of any kind) will not be approved.

[Mandatory requirement] Policy of section matching fund:

When we support an activity in a large section, R10 WIE supports only equal or less than 50% of total expenses. The remaining funds will have to be supported by the section and/or other sources of funding. If it is a medium section, the support is up to 75% and for a small section, it is 100%

Section Incentives scheme:

Section incentives scheme in R10 is designed to support AGs and SBs.These section incentives are funds that were distributed to sections at the end of the year. Collaborations with students and AGs are highly valued. We hope the sections would be willing to support activities conducted by AGs and SBs.

Important dates

Call for proposals: 13 Aug 2021

  • Round 2:
    • Submission deadline :     30 Sep 2021 
    • Acceptance notification:  10 Oct 2021
    • Execution duration of  proposed project:  15 Oct to 15 Nov 2021
    • Report submission deadline: 25 Nov 2021

Reimbursement Claims

  • If the special funding request has been initially approved, the WIE Affinity Group must submit an activity report with details on the use of funds within one month after the conclusion of the activity.  Final date to submit all reports is 25 Nov 2021. 
  • Submit your completed financial report form with copies supporting invoices/receipts. Funding payments will be transferred to the relative IEEE Sections after receiving all reports. R10 will NOT transfer funds if the full activity and finance (income & expense) reports are not submitted on time.
  • The activity report may be published in the IEEE R10 Newsletter, R10 WIE website and/or social media platforms. Activity report should include .JPG image files (and not embedded in the report) and a one-page write-up (Word format) on the activity.

Proposal submission form (Online)

Please submit your proposal online. 
Online form:


(1) Endorsement Form & (2) Budget List (Download from Google Drive)

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(1) Endorsement Form (Word File)
(2) Budget List (Excel File)

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Contact information

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