R10 WIE Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


To promote a culture that values and respects diversity, promotes equity, and creates an inclusive environment for IEEE Region 10 members, volunteers, and OUs.


The R10 Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) mission is to identify, assess, and address issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion within IEEE Region 10 community. 

R10 WIE Action Plan to improve Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Proactive Action

A working group on addressing the socio-economic factors that related to STEM career/education hesitancy among students and young professionals in Region 10. 

Reactive Action

Conducting an analysis on IEEE Region 10 Membership Diversity and Inclusion based on geographic area, membership type and gender.

Passive Action

• R10 WIE Discussion articles related to DEI to be published in IEEE R10 Newsletters.  

• Increasing public visibility to improve the image of women in engineering

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Recommended best practice to improve DEI in local OUs

Easier and low-cost implementation option

  • Increase number of women leader in the administrative/executive committee
  • Increase proportion of women keynote speakers in the technical webinar/conferences (recommended 1:3, female:male)
  • hilight women in engineering in the OUs for their achivement or success (e.g. getting published, awards recipients, or graduation, etc.
  • Present a shortclip of women in engineering at her workplace 
  • Encourage WIE Best Paper Awards within every IEEE Technical conferences.

Challenging implementation Option

  • Evaluating the impact of dimensions of diversity, equity, and inclusion activities and identifying potential areas of focus for future initiatives. (Measurement tools)
  • DEI Data analysis. Analyze of the available membership data for the diversity on:
    • Gender
    • Grade
    • Geographic area
    • Employer type
    • Diversity & inclusion among volunteers
    • Grants, awardee, female first author/coresponding author

Call for Expression of Interest (EOI): IEEE Region 10 WIE DEI Grant

Objectives of IEEE R10 WIE – DEI Grant :
The IEEE’s mission; to foster technological innovation and excellence to benefit humanity requires the talents and perspectives of people with different personal, cultural, and disciplinary backgrounds. To achieve this mission, IEEE R10 WIE has set up an initiative of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). 
DEI initiative has the following missions:
  1. Promoting Diversity : It increases representation of underrepresented groups, such as women, minorities, and individuals from diverse backgrounds, within R10 WIE membership and leadership positions, it is important to collaborate with other IEEE entities and external organizations to support diversity initiatives and programs in engineering and technology.
  2. Advancing equity : Identify and address systemic barriers and biases that may hinder the full participation and advancement of certain groups within R10 WIE and the broader IEEE community. Ensuring equitable access to resources, opportunities, and support for professional development and advancement for all R10 WIE members.
  3. Fostering inclusion : By creating an environment where all members feel valued, respected, and empowered to contribute. Organize events, programs, and initiatives that celebrate diversity and promote cross-cultural understanding and collaboration among R10 WIE members.
This call for Expression of Interest asks applicants to contribute to the DEI initiative by proposing DEI-related activities. We encourage submissions related to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusivity in engineering education and the workforce.
Scope of EOI:
This call for EOI asks applicants to propose a project related to the three themes of the DEI initiative.
  • Theme 1: Diversity Awareness
    Promoting diversity awareness involves fostering an understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives within the engineering community. It encourages individuals to learn about and respect different customs, traditions, and virtues.
  • Theme 2: Gender Equity and Inclusion
    Addressing gender disparities and fostering an inclusive environment for all genders is crucial in the engineering sector. This theme focuses on creating equal opportunities, eliminating gender biases, and ensuring that everyone feels valued and respected.
  • Theme 3: Accessible and Inclusive Environment
    This theme centers around creating physical and digital environments that are accessible to individuals of all abilities and backgrounds. It involves removing barriers and making necessary adjustments to ensure that everyone can contribute effectively.
Activities may include, for example :
  • Inclusive Teaching Practices
  • Recruitment and Retention Strategies
  • Equity in Research and Innovation, especially in STEM fields.
  • Industry Partnerships for Inclusion
  • Promoting Inclusive Workplaces
  • DEI Workshop, etc.
Applicants Eligibility :
Members of the WIE Affinity Group of each section or members of the Student Branch WIE Affinity Group.
* All submissions require endorsement from the WIE AG Chair.
* Section is encouraged to coordinate with Section WIE AG and Student Branch WIE AGs to comprehensively and strategically propose DEI activities.
Amount of Grants
  • Each accepted proposal will be supported by a maximum of US$ 400 grant.
Important Dates
  • Call for EOI : 1st – 31st March 2024
  • EOI Submission deadline : 1st April, 2024
  • DEI Grant Promotion webinar : 2nd April, 2024
  • Call for proposals : 3rd – 12th April, 2024
  • Proposal Submission deadline : 13th April, 2024   
  • Acceptance notification :  18th April, 2024
  • Execution duration of  proposed project : 19th April – July, 2024    
  • Report submission deadline : 31st  July, 2024
EOI submission form (Online)
Please submit your EOI through the Online form :

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