IEEE R10 WIE committee invites you to submit proposals to bid for R10 WIE support fund for the following activities:


1. R10 WIE PROGRESS Project Support Fund 2011
2. R10 WIE STAR Support Fund 2011
3. R10 WIE Congress/Forum Support Fund 2011
4. R10 WIE Conference Support Fund 2011


1. R10 WIE PROGRESS Project Support Fund 2011

DEADLINE:  End of May

PROJECT: PROGRESS  – PROmote GendeR Equal Societies in Science

Although gender-equality has become crucial for advancement of the society, the participation of women is still poor, particularly in the area of Science and Technology. There are different obstacles in the way of women’s promotion – for example, conservative-minds which are often said like “Men to work outside the home, women to take on domestic duties”, “Engineering is not a girl’s subject”, old boy’s network, glass ceiling and so on. To overcome these obstacles, change of mind is essential. R10 WIE has launched the project “PROGRESS – PROmote GendeR Equal Societies in Science” with utmost confidence in the ability of women to bring about this much needed awareness.
 The primary activities and programs of PROGRESS project include the following:

  • Survey of the current gender-equality status through questionnaire or interview etc.

To consider developing a set of uniform indicators of women’s education, workforce participation & career advancement in science, engineering and technology (SET) and establish benchmarks is crucial. R10 WIE supports activities for survey and visualization of current gender-equality status through questionnaire or interview etc.

  •  Gender-equality promotion in cooperation with rural areas.

       This activity supports women and young people in rural societies by imparting technical training and utilizing natural resources. It can be defined as the successor of Sangamam project which was promoted in 2009-2010.  R10 WIE supports activities like follows;

  • Channelizing the youth energy

To identify a village with enthusiastic youth, both boys and girls and give them a little push is important. This program brings together the youth of the village and organizes programs on career guidance and personality development.

  • Imparting technical training to Women

Women and children with necessary academic background are given computer training and guidance to put the training to good use.  Rural schools with lack of experienced teaching faculty are identified and the children are given a series of lectures in Physics and Mathematics and the Basics for Engineering Education.

  • Other activities for promoting change of mind set

The change of mind set is not only a problem for the female but also for the whole society. To change minds, PROGRESS project encourages men to work for supporting women in engineering. With this program, R10 WIE would like to highlight men, who foster women leaders, promote women engineers, and help for their wives and daughters career development. Forums which are organized as a membership development activity and promote gender-equality are supported.
Under the PROGRESS project, innovative programs are welcome and funding will be allocated on the basis of outreach the program is capable of.  

2. R10 WIE STAR Support Fund 2011
DEADLINE: End of May

The IEEE Student-Teacher and Research Engineer/Scientist (STAR) Program was developed to address the growing concern that, at a young age, girls are discouraged from careers in mathematics, science, and engineering.
This educational outreach program promotes involvement of IEEE members with local junior high and high schools in order to create a positive image of engineering careers.
Through a one-to-one interaction between society volunteers and a Student-Teacher Team, STAR’s aim is to create a technical support network for teachers and a mentoring program for students.
For more information, please visit 
3. R10 WIE Congress/Forum Support Fund 2011
DEADLINE: End of May

WIE congresses/forums are organized by the sections to make networking between the members possible by providing a forum where the members speak as the collective voice of IEEE WIE to share and discuss their views for change. This also serves as a workshop and training ground for new leaders on their responsibilities and opportunities. Sections interested on providing such a ground on their premises are welcome to organize national and international congresses/forums to facilitate the students and professionals join hands to achieve the IEEE WIE goals.

4. R10 WIE Conference Support Fund 2011
DEADLINE: End of May

To encourage women in research, WIE tracks are being organized in National and International level IEEE Conferences all over the Region. R10 WIE is proud to provide partial support for the WIE tracks in terms of promotional materials, registration aids, awards and proceedings. Proposals are invited from interested sections, Society Chapters and conference organizers.

The R10 WIE support fund is targeted at WIE programs held in R10 this year.

The proposal form sent with the Call for Proposals must be completed by Proposer and endorsed by the Section Chair.

In the proposal, please specify:

  • Name of Chapter/Section:
  • Name of contact person:
  • Type of program: PROGRESS, STAR, Congress/Forum, Conference
  • Date of program:
  • Objective of program:
  • Benefits to members/community:
  • Number of participants expected: members/nonmembers
  • Requested budget:

Proposal must be received by the IEEE R10 WIE Coordinator no later than the end of May in electronic means or fax. Make sure that an acknowledgement is received after sending the proposal, or it should be assumed that the submission is not received.

After the end of program (regarding the program held by the end of July, after the recipient notification), proposer have to submit the result report with photographs. The report would be published in the R10 Newsletter.

Technical Conference – USD500
PROGRESS, Congress, Forum – USD300

Call for Proposals – March 2nd week 
Proposal Deadline – End of May  
Recipient Notified – August 1st week

IEEE R10 Women In Engineering Coordinator
Prof. Takako Hashimoto
To:     Cc:
FAX: +65 6778 9723

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