Dr. Jing Dong

IEEE Region-10 WIE Co-Ordinator, 2017-2018

Message From R10 WIE Coordinator 2017-2018


The mission and vision of IEEE Region 10 WIE is to inspire, engage, encourage, and empower IEEE women so as to form a vibrant community of IEEE women and men innovating the world of tomorrow.


The WIE at Region 10 aims at
1. Inspire young women in high schools to take up Engineering & technical studies & career
2. Engage the interests of women in enhancing their technological and professional skills
3. Encourage women to their acquired skills and education for the betterment of the society
4. Empower and foster women in leadership roles and career advancement
5. Promote nominations for MGA Awards from R10

Activity Plans in 2017:

Formation of new WIE AGs and guiding the inactive WIE AGs
WIE One-get-One (WIEOGO) Program is aiming to promote R10 section WIE AGs initiates as well as WIE membership development and retention. We will support the establishment of new WIE AGs in diversified areas in R10 (In particular, those sections without WIE AGs), identify volunteers and train them for performing WIE activities. We will also encourage and guide the inactive WIE affinity groups for engaging them in activities by being connected and networked with each other through E-channel.

2017 IEEE R10 WIE support Fund

IEEE R10 WIE will help initiate/motivate new projects/activities by providing full/partial support fund for project implementation to the section WIE AGs/ SB WIE AGs. In 2017, we encourage proposal submission from less active/inactive WIE AGs /SB WIE AGs. The sample programs for which proposal can be submitted are, PROGRESS (PROmote GendeR Equal Societies) program, Conferences/Workshops, Congress/Forum, STAR (Student-Teacher and Research Engineer/Scientist) outreach program, Professional and Career Development program, Development/Outreach program to Rural areas, entrepreneurship development and Industry engagement. The call for proposals for R10 WIE support fund 2017 will be sent in March and all projects must be completed and reported by the end of October 2017.

2017 IEEE R10 WIE Awards

IEEE R10 WIE will identify outstanding WIE AGs, SB WIE AGs and outstanding WIE volunteers (student/Professional) for IEEE R10 WIE awards. 2017 R10 WIE awards are for activity/contributions during 2016. A detail description of R10 WIE awards (purpose, scope, eligibility, nomination conditions, basis of selection, schedule etc.), nomination forms, and year-wise list of past recipients of each of the awards are updated in the R10 WIE website at (https://wie.ieeer10.org/awards). The call for award nominations will be circulated in March and awards will be presented in August 2017.

WIE Visibility Enhancement through R10 Events

IEEE R10 WIE will enhance the R10 WIE visibility and awareness in R10 Flagship Events as well as new initiative programs to enhance the networking and experience exchange for WIE activities. We will support/co-organize:
• Global WIE Summit in R10 section
• WIE track across sections
• Other Flagship conference or new initiative programs

Dynamic website and Social media:

• R10 WIE Web site: www.wie.ieeer10.org
• R10 WIE Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IEEE.R10.WIE
• R10 WIE Twitter: https://twitter.com/IEEE_R10_WIE
• R10 WIE encourages every section WIE AG/SB WIE AGs to maintain own website, facebook page and other social media for ensuring greater visibility.
Please send the URL or social media links of your featuring activities to R10 WIE Web Team to stay connected with R10 WIE and we recommend you to report activities and contribute articles to Regional Newsletter, Global WIE Newsletter and WIE magazine timely.
Let us all happy work together to maintain our record as the most vibrant WIE around the world!
Jing Dong
R10 WIE Coordinator 2017-2018
For more details about WIE, please go to https://wie.ieeer10.org.