Overview and Impact

The IEEE Region 10 Women in Engineering is excited to launch ‘MentorHer’ – our flagship mentorship initiative. This 6-month opportunity will connect selected mentees with mentors from the region to work together on designing and implementing a professional development plan. Mentor-mentee pairs will work together to identify areas of growth (career, leadership, volunteering, etc), develop an action plan guided by our MentorHer framework and review towards completion.

MentorHer aims to bridge and overlay the wealth of professional and leadership acumen in our community to budding aspirants. The program envisions to provide a holistic and personalized mentorship program by knitting in aspects of professional and life skills in a ‘real-world’ experience sharing approach. This mentorship experience will open doors to  professional networks and potential long-term mentoring relationships.


MentorHer Call for mentors & mentees commencesFeb 10, 2022
We as WiE’ – Tete-a-tete with MentorHer 2021 graduandsMar 8, 2022
MentorHer Call for mentors mentees closesMar 10, 2022
MentorHer Mentor-Mentee assignmentsApr 4, 2022
MentorHer Orientation & cohort commencementApr 23, 2022
MentorHer sharing and networking
We as WiE– Networking for personal and professional success
May 21, 2022
MentorHer Midterm sharing and networking
We as WiE’ – Panel on ‘Careers in technology – beyond the usual’
Jul 16, 2022
We as WiE’ – Excelling in Managing Assignments, Appraisals and RelationshipsSep 17, 2022
MentorHer 2022 cohort graduationNovember 2022

Eligibility and Expectations


  • An IEEE Region 10 WiE member who is driven to make an impact in their mentee’s professional lives by guiding them in designing and implementing a professional development plan. 
  • Mentors should be able to commit 1 hour/month for 6 months to engage and interact with their mentees.
  • Mentors are expected to be a guide and stimulus in the mentorship journey, actively listen to the mentee, ask questions which will motivate the mentee to think beyond imagined possibilities, partner as an accountability buddy and provide honest, constructive feedback.


  • IEEE Region 10 WiE member who is eager and committed to learn and grow and is looking for a guide in their professional growth journey.
  • Mentees should be able to commit to 6-hours/month for 6 months towards their own professional development plan
  • Mentees are expected to fully utilize this enriching opportunity by taking initiative to drive their mentorship journey, being committed to the action plan charted out between the mentor and mentee and interacting with a growth mindset and professional attitude.


  • MentorHer mentorship framework along with tools and techniques for mentors and mentees to work together and,
  • We as WiE professional development workshops on relevant topics