Dear R10 Section Chairs,

Thank you for endorsing the proposal to R10 WIE support fund 2015. This year, R10 WIE received a total number of 42 proposals from 19 Sections.

Finally R10 WIE Subcommittee has reached final decision to award 29 proposals as stated in the attached file (find the 2015 R10 WIE Support Fund Results)

The decision is based on the quality/impact of the activities proposed, distribution of section, type of activities, and innovative ideas. Decision e-mails and confirmation sheet will also be sent separately to the Section Chair stated in the proposal. If your proposal in your section is awarded, please kindly inform the project leader and complete the confirmation sheet and send back to me. For the proposals that have not been awarded, R10 WIE would like to encourage your activities to be carried out and to seek support from local section and other sources.

R10 WIE wishes for the fruitful activities your section may organize in this year 2015.

Sincerely Yours,
Supavadee Aramvith
2015 R10 WIE Coordinator