2018 IEEE R10 WIE AFFINITY GROUP AWARD: Call for Nomination 

The R10 IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) takes initiatives to provide various values for IEEE members and societies in Asia pacific Region (R10) and promote achievements of women engineers/professionals.

The visions are:

  • Inspire, Engage, Encourage and Empower contribution of women in science and technology worldwide, and especially in R10
  • Promote women in science and engineering in R10
  • Motivate and inspire women engineers & scientists
  • Foster women’s technological skills
  • Encourage girls to be engineers & scientists

R10 WIE strongly supports and encourages WIE activities conducted by WIE Affinity Groups (AGs) in R10. Specifically, R10 WIE Committee selects excellent activities and gives R10 WIE funds for them.


R10 Women in Engineering (WIE) has instituted both the IEEE R10 WIE Section Affinity Group of the Year Award and the IEEE R10 WIE Student Branch Affinity Group of the Year Award to recognize distinguished WIE Section Affinity Group and WIE Student Branch Affinity Group, respectively.


One award per year

The IEEE R10 WIE Section / Student Branch Affinity Group of the Year Awards are given annually to WIE Section / Student Branch Affinity Groups in R10 that have shown outstanding initiatives and performance in organizing activities. The awards are based on programs that took place during the period of 1 January to 31December of the preceding year.

This WIE Section / Student Branch Affinity Group must not have received the same award in the past five years.

Nomination Conditions

  • The call for nomination is available from the R10 website ( https://wie.ieeer10.org/) . The nomination could be filled online or submitted online. It must be completed by Nominator who is familiar with the work and contribution of the WIE Section / Student Branch Affinity Groups.
  • Nominator must be IEEE members.
  • The nomination must be endorsed by the respective Section Chair to be considered valid.
Basis of Selection

The IEEE R10 WIE Section / Student Branch Affinity Group of the Year Award are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of activities and programs

– Purpose/objectives

– Achievements/values

– Support from the Section

– Collaboration with Student Branch/YP Affinity Group or other groups

– The number of participants

  • Quantity of activities and programs
  • Growth of affinity group membership
  • Communication with its members

– What ways

– How often

If no candidate is found to be suitable, no award will be given for the year.

Selection Committee

Award Selection Committee shall consist of the IEEE R10 WIE Coordinator as Chair, three R10 WIE subcommittee members and one nominee of R10 ARC Chair.


Nomination Deadline: 30th, June,2018

Award Announcement: August 2018

Award Instrument

The winning IEEE R10 WIE Section / Student Branch Affinity Group will receive an engraved plaque


The awards will be presented during the R10 SYWL Congress if scheduled for the year, with winners attending on self-funding basis. Otherwise, the awards will be handed over to the respective Section Chair during the IEEE R10 Annual meeting.


The IEEE R10 WIE Coordinator notifies the result of selection by e-mail to the R10 Sections, on the R10 Website and in the R10 Newsletter. A record of award recipients is also maintained in R10 archives.

More information or request could be sent to R10 Women in Engineering Coordinator (Contact details available on the R10 website)


2018 IEEE R10 WIE Affinity Group Award call for nomination