The IEEE R10 SYWL Congress 2018 is round the corner. (30th August-2nd September 2018, Bali, Indonesia) (please visit for details).  In accordance to the objective of the Congress to provide a platform for IEEE volunteers from different sections to network, interact and learn from each other, the IEEE R10 WIE team is organizing the “Best Event” Poster Competition for all the WIE delegates from different WIE Sections and Student Branches Affinity Groups.


The WIE ”Best Event” Poster Competition is planned for all the WIE delegates from different Section AGs and student branch AGs in the IEEE R10 SYWL Congress 2018, Bali, Indonesia on 31st August 2018 during the lunch time.

The WIE delegates have to showcase the best single activities and achievements of their Section/Student Branch Affinity Groups in the form of a poster, the event either could be carried on in the past or be planned in the future.  

Scope of Entries:

Interested WIE delegates have to send the poster (e-version) to the R10 WIE team. Each WIE Section / Student Branch Affinity Group may submit at most two posters. Each poster should focus on one single event conducted by the WIE AGs. The poster may contain information about the activity name, date, place, event photos, detailed event program and achievements done by the WIE AGs, or may just showcase the planned idea about the activity itself. Participants have the liberty to showcase their creative ideas in showcasing the contents of the poster.

The shortlisted posters will be selected for showcase during the SYWL Congress on 31st August (Printed Posters).The Judges will evaluate the Posters in the Congress and the top 1 Poster would be awarded during the Awards Night in the Congress.


Only the delegates attending the SYWL Congress 2018 can represent their IEEE WIE Section/Student Branch Affinity Group and can apply for the WIE Poster Competition.

 Some Important Rules:

1)    Poster size must be A3.

2)    Include just ONE SIGNLE Event in your affinity group activities.

3)    While the poster is judged, equal importance will be given to the photo as well as the text.

4) The Section/Student Branch Affinity Names could not be displayed in the poster content.

5) Participant should send the soft copy of the poster to WIE Team and provide the according contact info.

6)    The shortlisted posters are to be displayed in the Congress on 31stAugust 2018.

 7) Shortlisted Posters must be printed by the delegates to the Congress by final evaluation.


Deadline (Soft copy of Poster): 23:59 IST on 12ndAugust 2018.

Email the poster to:

Kindly mention the name of the WIE Affinity Group in the Subject of the mail.

For any queries, contact: