Mentor/Mentee Awardee announcement

Our R10 WiE initiative has sparked a wave of innovation through dynamic peer-to-peer mentoring between active and new/dormant WiE Affinity Groups. 

Here are the incredible pairs selected as R10 WIE Champions. Stay tuned as we unveil the remarkable achievements and collaborations shaping the WiE community.

Together, we’re empowering women in engineering and fostering innovation! ūüí°

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About the WIE Champion Program 

Objective :
WiE Champions aims to encourage active IEEE WIE Affinity Groups (AGs) to help mentor and nurture new/dormant WIE AGs and support ongoing activities within R10.
(a) encourage and support formation of new Section and Student Branch WIE AGs
(b) identify dormant or less active AGs and rejuvenate them by active mentoring
(c) increase engagement and vibrancy of R10 and R10 WiE ecosystem by peer-to-peer AG mentoring
Process :
WiE AGs and Student branch WiE AGs may participate as a WiE AG mentor or WiE AG mentees. The active WIE AG is expected to tag along with a new/dormant WiE AG propose the activities that can help or mentor another section to form a new AG or Student AG. The Mentor WiE AGs will receive 200 USD incentive after successful reporting of at least 2 activities (report in vTools), along with a certification/token for warrior/mentor and mentee AGs.
To qualify as a WiE AG mentor, you must be an active WiE with a track record of at least 5 activities per year reported on vTools in the past 2 years. 
To qualify as a WiE AG mentee, you may be either a newly formed AG in 2022 or 2023, or a dormant AG with a track record of 2 or fewer activities per year reported in vTools in the past 2 years.
The WiE AGs should plan and implement at least two events and/or initiatives. The first initiative should be conducted together, and the second initiative should be conducted independently by the new/dormant AG.
 The lead WiE SG is expected to lead and conduct at least 2 strategy meeting and 2 support meetings with the new/dormant AG. The meetings should include brainstorming and team bonding, plan 2 or more events/initiatives, identify and mitigate any potential roadblocks, post-event debrief and summary/reporting. 
Reimbursement process will be communicated on successful report submission by the WiE AGs who have been awarded the grant